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Looking for fresh material in prosthodontics with a dynamic speaker who has been presenting for over 35 years? I am a prosthodontist and have been giving continuing education courses both nationally and internationally on subjects such as:

  • “Contemporary Temporaries…Faster, Easier, Better and More Predictable Results”,
  • “Biofunctional Cosmetic Dentistry: Share the Passion…The road where function and esthetics meet”,
  • “Contemporary Tooth Preparation…New Concepts, New Materials!”,
  • “Lab Problems: Whose at Fault…What’s the Solution?”, and
  • “Veneers: Understanding Full to No-Prep Design: Planning and Predictable Execution”.

Other recent popular programs are “Nuts & Bolts of Implant Treatment Planning with Techniques and New Technologies Critical for Success” and “Trouble-Shooting and Predictably Resolving Many of your Fixed Prosthetic Problems, Including Session on Conquering the Challenge of Great Impressions”

All of my programs are designed for the general dentists looking for ways to improve productivity, efficiency, and control over fixed prosthetic outcomes. Providing dentists with techniques, materials and philosophies that they can implement in their offices the very next day is ranked high amongst those who have attended my courses.

Click here to view outlines of recent programs. Many of these programs are well designed for dentists, assistants, and lab technicians.

John Tucker, DDS, of EriePennsylvania said “I was able to use information from Dr. Fagin’s program immediately in my practice to provide outstanding patient treatment results. His program was one of the most meaningful and powerful programs I have attended”.

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